17 Longhill Street
Springfield, MA 01108
Ph: (413) 734-8822
1030 State Street
Springfield, MA 01109
Ph: (413) 734-1719



For over five decades, Antonio’s has been serving the local communities in which they are located. We have had customers from across the globe stop in for family-friendly service and a great meal to satisfy the biggest of hungers. We’ve received many great compliments on the staff, services, and facilities and continue to serve our loyal customers.


To all of our customers, Thank you!




"Everytime I come into town I stop @ Antonio's to get a meatball grinder!! They are the best!"- Judy Tyler Willis
"The food is made to order..the way I want it right before my eyes! Such quality at a good price. Oh and did I mention the beautiful staff!!" -Mike M
"Antonio's the best pizza spot in Springfield. Everything is good on the menu. Especially their PIZZA. I love pizza and every time I come back to my home city, I go here to order. Try their CHEESEBURGER grinders OMG!! hehe next to my pizza this is my second favorite food to order there. When you in the "field" stop there to grab a bite." - Kenya E
"Yummy!!!"- Kimberly C
"I've lived in Springfield my whole life, and we've been going to Antonio's since I was a kid. In the 30 some odd years that covers, I've found the food simple but very good, the service always friendly and the prices very reasonable. We continue to eat there to this day. They make a very good mushroom pizza, and I'm very fond of the clam strips. The only thing is, I miss the broccoli poppers they used to make back in the 90's. But a really good family friendly local place." -Sarah H
"I love Antonio's Grinders, I have been eating there since the 80's when they had a store in Peal St. The food in there is great the flavor never change, my favorites: french fries and wing dings."-Gaby C
"Had the seafood platter today, fried shrimp, scallops, and flounder. Must say it was very good and hit the spot." -Steve A
"Omg haven't had Antonios in almost four years I can't wait to see you guys. I'll be going up north for three days. I will make sure your my first stop. No one in the south can make pizza and grinders like you can" -Bexie L
"Best spot in Springfield" -Pedro D
"I love the employees, friendly, fast service and they make you feel so welcome..like family" -Billy Rodriguez from Springfield, MA - Customer for 25 years
"I always have a great experience going to Antonio's.. but today was special..I want to thank the Bishop for paying for my lunch..God bless your heart..unexpected blessings are the best!!" - Atyana M
"Wing fever, part of home" -Patty T
"I have been a customer for 10 years and Antonio's has the BEST pizza in Spfld" -Hector Dejesus
"Oh my mouth is watering" -Renee B
"Nothing feeds 8 kids better than a party pizza after a day at six flags! If you go to six flags you have to stop here for some authentic Italian pizza! -Mary A
"I'm 41 years old been coming here for as long as I can remember. Food is always delicious. I love that in all it's years is always the say beautiful , sweet, cheerful service. Love it!!!!!! - Chelly R
"Been going there since I was a little kid and still say they got the best grinders in Springfield :)" -Kano R
"Amazing staff...always friendly (even at 2am), homemade food, absolutely delicious...if you don't try the homemade tortellini soup the you are missing out on one of the best experiences of your life!! Try the pizza...or grinders...or anything....it's all great!" -Jackson D.
"It's a family get-together-place and loveeee the steak & cheese grinders" -Debora Y.
"This places is the bomb. I come all the way from Westfield just to eat your grinders. By the way the staff is great and hilarious!!!!" -Angel G.
"Awesome grinders especially the meatball ones. Very nice people" -Joseph F.
"Nothing feeds 8 kids better than a party pizza after a day at Six Flags! If you go to Six Flags you have to stop here for some authentic Italian pizza!" -Mary B.